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Free Download: East Asian Journal of Popular Culture

ISSN: 20517084
Online ISSN: 20517092 
First published in 2015
3 issues per volume

Volume 1, Number 1, 1 April 2015

pp. 3-9(7) 
Authors: Heylen, Ann; Taylor-Jones, Kate; Berra, John

‘…behind a screen’: Early intercultural exchange in the Yokohama treaty port and the Michael Moss court case (1860) 

pp. 11-32(22) 
Author: Proshan, Chester

A Japanese engineer who became a Taiwanese deity: Postcolonial representations of Hatta Yoichi 

pp. 33-51(19) 
Author: Amae, Yoshihisa

Qianwei (‘avant-garde’) art in reform-era China: Divergence, reversal and the persistence of (subjective) realism 

pp. 53-73(21) 
Author: Gladston, Paul

Approaching transnational Chinese queer stardom as zhongxing (‘neutral sex/gender’) sensibility 
pp. 75-95(21) 
Author: Li, Eva Cheuk-yin

Ringing One Missed Call: Franchising, transnational flows and genre production 
pp. 97-112(16) 
Author: Rawle, Steven

Cultural harmonization in East Asia: Adaptation of Hana yori dango / Boys Over Flowers 
pp. 113-131(19) 
Author: Yasumoto, Seiko

What text can tell us about male and female characters in shōjo- and shōnen-manga 
pp. 133-153(21) 
Author: Unser-Schutz, Giancarla

The Taiwan Yueqin Folk Music Festival 
pp. 155-161(7) 
Author: Hlavaty, Benjamin

pp. 163-167(5) 
Authors: Promkhuntong, Wikanda; Baehrisch, Eunju



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