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歡迎下載我們的 《希臘媒體與文化研究期刊》/ Journal of Greek Media & Culture 的免費試讀期。


Greek media and culture at a new juncture 
pp. 3-7(5) 
Author: Papadimitriou, Lydia

Crisis of sovereignty in recent Greek cinema 
pp. 9-27(19) 
Author: Lykidis, Alex

A shifting landscape: Contemporary Greek dance and conditions of crisis 
pp. 29-45(17) 
Authors: Panagiotara, Betina; Tsintziloni, Steriani

The militant subject as tragic hero in Dimitris Nollas’s fiction 
pp. 47-61(15) 
Author: Petsa, Vasiliki

A Nazi hero in Greek cinema: History and parapraxis in Kostas Manousakis’s Prodosia 
pp. 63-77(15) 
Author: Thanouli, Eleftheria

Brother Anna (1963): A Jewish woman is a very queer woman 
pp. 79-91(13) 
Author: Kroustallis, Vassilis

‘Right you are (if you think so)’: The sociolinguistic construction of youth identity in a Greek family sitcom 
pp. 93-112(20) 
Authors: Stamou, Anastasia G.; Saltidou, Theodora P.

Modern antiquity: An introduction to Athenian metropolitan modernity 
pp. 113-126(14) 
Author: Giannakopoulou, Georgia

Vitalization and spectacle in Thanassis Rentzis’s Bio-Graphia and Corpus 
pp. 127-141(15) 

Author: Vassiliou, Konstantinos

Writing in text and writing in images: Eleni Papargyriou in conversation with Michel Fais and Christos Chryssopoulos 
pp. 143-152(10) 

Author: Papargyriou, Eleni

‘Fight Together/Write Together’: Street art as documentation of affect in times of unrest in Athens 
pp. 153-164(12) 

Author: Chiotis, Theodoros

Book Review 
pp. 165-168(4) 
Author: Papadimitriou, Lydia

Weathering the crisis: Sixteenth Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (14–23 March 2014) 
pp. 169-176(8) 
Author: Papadimitriou, Lydia



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