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Aims and Scope


《当代中国艺术研究期刊》探讨最广泛意义的当代艺术和中国文化认同之间的关系,该期刊提供了关键的辩论和新颖的中国当代艺术研究平台。自1978年以来,以'前卫先锋艺术' ,实验艺术和博物馆为基础的视觉艺术已经在中国大陆境内文化自由化的一部分。期刊还探讨了非中国民族在中国居住的艺术工作者以及他们那些与中国文化,社会和历史有很大联系的艺术作品。


Volume 1 Issue 2-3

Cover Date: September 2014


Towards a critical polylogue on contemporary Chinese art

Authors:  Paul Gladston 

Page Start: 129

Badiou in China?: Re-translations of French Maoism and inaesthetics

Authors:  Colin Wright 

Page Start: 141

Tracing the body aesthetics in contemporary Chinese art: Hong Kong sculptor Ho Siu Kee as a case study

Authors:  Silvia Fok 

Page Start: 157

The ‘post-human’ Internet dimension: Ai Weiwei and Cao Fei online

Authors:  Taliesin Thomas 

Page Start: 177

Transforming human and beast: Hybridization and diasporic identities in Daniel Lee’s art

Authors:  Ming Turner 

Page Start: 201

Contemporary Chinese ink paintings: The dawn of a rock renaissance

Authors:  Olivia Wang 

Page Start: 215

Jizi and contemporary ink art: ‘Re-Chineseness’ and unification with nature

Authors:  David A. Brubaker 

Page Start: 237
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Indie art books in China

Authors:  John Millichap 

Page Start: 257

Measures of Distance (to HomeShop): A conversation with Elaine W. Ho and Edward Sanderson

Authors:  Paul Gladston 

Page Start: 275

In such a lonely history, what on earth are we afraid of?: On attempts to imagine being in the past as being in the present and being in the future

Authors:  Liu Ding And Carol Yinghua Lu 

Page Start: 289

Teaching contemporary art history in China

Authors:  David Carrier 

Page Start: 297


Authors:  Katie Hill And Paul Gladston And David Carrier 

Page Start: 309



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