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《劇本編寫研究期刊》/ Journal of Screen Writing 是由英國 Intellect 出版社出版的經同行評審的學術期刊。


4000 - 8000 英文

6月1日前發一篇200字的英文摘要到編輯 Jill Nelmes (, and to the Co-Editors of this issue John Cook ( and Eva Redvall ).

Final Call for Papers Journal of Screenwriting 6.2  - Television Writing Issue

We invite researchers, educators and practitioners to contribute to Issue 6.2
of the Journal of Screenwriting, a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on this
important aspect of moving image pre-production and conceptualisation.
This special issue is concerned with writing for television.  Papers submitted for consideration might include but are by no means limited to the following areas:

•The television writer as auteur
•The writer and his or her relationship with the television industry.
•Television institutional practice and the writer. 
•Writing television series and serials.
•Television writing practice in different nations and national contexts.
•Collaborative writing.
•Analysis of television scripts. 
•The script development process.
•The history of television writing. 
•Genre and television writing.
•The television writer as showrunner or creative producer.
•Television writing in the digital multi-platform age.

The peer reviewed Journal of Screenwriting brings together research and
reflection on pedagogy, professionalism and practice in an area which has been
somewhat overlooked in academic discourse. New work has conventionally been
scattered throughout journals devoted to specific aspects of media theory or
practice, and this academic journal aims to bring together serious screenwriting related
work under one title. The Journal is international in scope, and seeks
wide-ranging work that is critical, rigorous and original in its contribution to
this developing area of study. We expect to include work that employs a diverse
range of methodological approaches, including textual analysis, production
analysis, practice as research and historical investigation.
Articles should be between 4000 and 8000 words in length.

Articles, to include a 200 word abstract, should be sent by 1st June 2014 to the
Principal Editor, Jill Nelmes (, and to the Co-Editors of this issue,
John Cook ( and Eva Redvall ). Please contact either Jill , John or Eva regarding any queries about suitability of subject or other requirements.

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